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Heel Spur and a Set Back

Within the last year I have gone from not moving to running 5 miles.  I did the couch to 5k program and it worked well for me.  Once I finished that I decided that I was going to keep going and get ready to run a 10k.  Despite being told by numerous websites to increase running no more than 10% per week I decided that I was just going to add a mile a week.  Things were going well and I was mixing up speed and distance and I was doing 5 miles.  Running was never enjoyable to me, but I felt a huge sense of accomplishment knowing that I was doing so well.  I was never athletic other than being strong enough to throw a shot put back in high school. I’ve never been fit.  I had pain here and there but I figured that was just my body adapting to something it had never done before.

Finally I had pain that was unbearable.  I would wake up in the morning and it would be difficult to stand on my left foot because of the pain in my heel.  I did some research online and self diagnosed myself with plantar fasciitis.  The common remedy is ibuprofen and rest.  I gave it a week then went back to running but the pain came back even worse.  I took a month off of running and it was about the same pain so I went to the DR.  One common issue with plantar fasciitis is heel spurs.  There is a calcium build up in the heel that is like a hook and when the tissue gets inflamed from the plantar fasciitis, the hook stabs into it.  I am waiting for a referral to a podiatrist to either get an orthotic or have surgery.

I am happy though that through this time I am still losing weight.  Even though I cannot exercise by running like I used to, I made a decision to get my nutrition right.  Are you someone who cannot really exercise due to injuries or your weight?  When I weighed 270 lbs, there was no way I was running anywhere (and I would have killed me knees if I did).  Do you need to drop weight just to get into a place where cardio exercise is possible? Do you have such a bad back, or knees, or ankles that there is no way that you are going to be doing cardio?  I can help.  I can help your nutrition plan and get you where you want to be, even if you can’t get there through traditional means.

Don’t give up.  Healthy nutrition is an email away.  Click the picture and register with me.  Tell me your story and I will make a plan just for you.

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