Steak skewers

22 Oct

This is a recipe mostly based on this new paleo cook book I just picked up. If you’re interested in the paleo eating style, I cannot recommend enough the civilized caveman. When I have the time to cook, I want healthy food that is delicious and he hits that right on the nose. Basic skewers, nothing too exciting here but they came out great.

2 steaks (preferably grass fed)

1 onion

1 yellow peach

3 bell peppers (you choose the color)

Handful of grape tomatoes

3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Cut the steaks into chunks, cut all of the other ingredients into similar sized pieces.  Douse in the olive oil and hand mix to make sure it is coating everything that you have in the bowl.  Put pieces on skewers (if you are using wooden ones, make sure that you have soaked them for at least 20 minutes so they don’t light on fire).  Cook skewers over medium heat on your grill (leave it open or it will light on fire).  Season with the salt and pepper.  Cook until steak pieces are medium rare.  Keep an eye on them as they will burn otherwise.

Enjoy with some herbalife tea and a salad.




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