Jerk Chicken Fajita Bowl

15 Oct

This recipe was sent to me by a friend and I am adapting the jerk recipe to be primal.  I am also making it with h tortillas, which are not primal but are going to be healthier than fried tortilla bowls.  This is a marinade, so you want to marinade for 4-24 hours depending on time.  You can also adapt the recipe to be spicier than I will present it to you.

1 onion (finely chopped)

1/2 cup scallions (finely chopped)

2 tsp thyme

1 tsp salt

2 tsp of sugar (omit or use maple syrup for primal)

1 tsp all spice

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 pepper (finely ground) (spicy to your liking. Anaheim pepper for mild, jalapeno for medium, Serrano for hot.  You can also have more peppers for flavor or spicy)

1 tsp ground black peppper

3 tbsp soy sauce (Tamari if you have it and want it primal maybe I’ll buy it now since this called for it too)

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp of cider vinegar

1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast

1 medium white onion (sliced)

1 green bell pepper (sliced)

Mix all together (save for the sliced bell pepper and sliced onion) and put chicken in, alternatively you can use beef or pork.  I usually recommend that you chop the meat to your desired serving size prior to putting in marinade since it is rather messy to cut up after the fact.  Leave in the marinade for 4-24 hours.  Cook on the stove in a sauce pan (include part of the marinade in the pan).  Once the chicken has reached appox 130 degrees add the sliced onion and pepper.  Cook until done.

You can serve it this way but for fun I am going to make tortilla bowls.  I bought a set of those “perfect tortilla” bowl makers.  They allow you to bake the tortilla in the oven and not in oil.  Enjoy.




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