Dulce de Leche Fomula 1!

10 Oct

So excited to try the new flavor of Formula 1, reminds me that we are getting ready to start the holiday swing.  I posted a while back that I know that a lot of people, myself included, have struggled with the holiday weight gain.  I have found myself skimming off the kids’ Halloween bucket.  Then Thanksgiving rolls around, and I am eating 2 and 3 plates full of food and all kinds of desserts.  Then comes Christmas time.  I make fudge and eat half of it and there is always some “snacky” food to pick up and eat. Then comes New Years, and a lot of alcohol. Before I know it I have gained 10 or more lbs in the short period of time from Halloween and New Years.  I then have to make a choice to get my butt back in gear for the new year.  This time I want to be ready before it begins.  I want to fuel my body with the right full before the holidays even start.

If you are doing most of your nutrition right, the occasional slip of some candy or a much too big of a plate of food isn’t going to kill you.  Are you ready to get your nutrition right?  You want to start your New Years resolution to lose weight months before the New Year?  Want to invest money in your nutrition instead of a gym membership (I promise that the nutrition is way more important than the gym)?

Make 2013 the year you break the cycle, and start in 2012!

Click the picture to get started!


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