Primal Tailgate

16 Sep

One of the things I enjoy doing very much is tailgating at sporting events.  For me, the most common thing is racing.  I have been a NASCAR fan for years, but this year the IZOD INDYCAR series came back to my local track so I figured I would take advantage of another chance to tailgate.  If you’ve ever been to a tailgate, you know that the food isn’t the healthiest, it might even be a goal of the tailgate to eat foods that are so ridiculously unhealthy that you wouldn’t eat them otherwise.  Trying to stick with my goal of being healthy (and knowing that I wanted to have a few beers) I came up with a couple of things.

Traditionally we tailgate two meals at the race, breakfast and lunch (or even a lunch/dinner combination).  We do a lot of walking at these events so we need something that is going to keep us feeling full and away from all of the food vendors cooking with God knows what at the track.  In the past we have purchased pre-made scramble bags.  Flash frozen vegetables like onion, bell pepper and potato.  This time I figured we would make our own.  Sweet potato, onion, chorizo, eggs and tomatoes.  Came out delicious and very filling.



The other thing that I made was something that I had tested a few weeks back, but actually got to make on my special grill today.  These things are delicious and all natural.  Jalapeno pepper, sliced in half with seeds removed.  Filled with chorizo and wrapped in bacon.



The races were fun, the food was good and I am not today trying to work off 10 lbs of cheese or fried chicken that I ate yesterday.  Woke up this morning with my Formula 1 shake, and I am right back to business!

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