Primal Pork

13 Sep

Smoked a pork.  I used to make pulled pork sandwiches a lot.  Now that I try to severely limit my grains (i.e. bread) I wanted to try something a bit different, plus the way I used to make pulled pork was from a packet of seasoning (and whatever other crap they throw in there) and ketchup (not a super healthy way to do things).  I took this 5 lb pork shoulder roast, it was a meat on sale as referenced in my Primal on a Budget post.  I also finally sprung for a real smoker box, nice heavy cast iron and worked nice.

Soak wood chips at least an hour.  Drain water and put into smoker box.  Put smoker box directly over high heat.  In my case I have a 4 burner grill so I put it over the right hand side burner.  Close lid and go prepare your roast. Made a rub consisting of sea salt, black pepper, onion powder, paprika, and garlic powder.  Liberally applied the rub to the roast.  By this time smoke had begun to form in the grill.  I put the roast on the top shelf of the grill turned another burner to medium and closed the lid.  Stick a wireless meat thermometer in it and go away.  The smoke and the low heat will slowly cook the pork and if you open the lid you lose some of your smoke and will lose some of your flavor.  My grill cooks kind of hot so it took about 3 hours to get to the internal 180 degrees that I had to been told to look for.  Pull off grill, allow to rest for a little while.  The meat came out really moist with the added bonus that the outside skin turned into a type of pork rinds which were delicious.


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