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Maple glazed pork tenderloin

This is an adaptation of a non primal recipe. Pretty simple to make, sweet and spicy.

1lb of pork tenderloin (sliced into medallions)
1/4 cup apple cider
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 tbsp butter

1 tsp red pepper
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper

Mix spices, and sprinkle over pork loin. Melt butter in pan, place pork loin medallions into pan and brown.

Add other ingredients to pan. Cook, flipping pork occasionally. Liquid will begin to turn into a glaze.

Enjoy with salad.



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Best of Both Worlds

Today I was thinking about what the kids like to eat. Kids can be kind of picky and will only tolerate so much steak and chicken for meals. I was excited a few weeks back to find that the favorite manufacturer of chicken sausage, now makes chicken hot dogs. Aidelles makes all natural sausages, and now hot dogs. They are sold at Costco and very popular there, so much so that they were sold out for weeks. They are called Pineapple Paradise. They come fully cooked with 20 to a package for like $11 bucks (when you consider a 7 pack of Kosher Hebrew National Hot Dogs are around $5, you are getting a great deal. This is an easy way to get your kids to eat a little closer to primal. Ingredients?: Chicken, Dried Pineapple, Dehydrated Sugar Cane Syrup, Salt, Vinegar, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Spices and Celery Powder. NO NITRATES, NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS!!! These are awesome for your kids and definitely much better for them than any regular hot dogs that you’ve been looking at. Want to learn more about being Primal? Click the link below and order the book. It’s a great way to get started.

The Primal Blueprint Cookbook - Order Today!

What about milkshakes?  Do your kids love milkshakes?  I know mine do.  Here is the problem with most milk shakes: sugar and fat.  I have a way to get your kids to eat a healthy milk shake and it is with herbalife.  Herbalife.  We have a local place called Baker’s and they serve a delicious milkshake.  Problem is I don’t know what’s in it.  It could be packed with all sorts of artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners!  The herbalife shake is not.  It also gives them 100% of key nutrients plus protein and fiber, is only 80 calories and less than 1 gram of fat.  Which is better for your kids?  Click my link below to learn about this and all the other awesome products that herbalife has to offer.  Once  you register, I will let you know when you can order.

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Back to Insanity

Last year before summer started I threw myself into Insanity by Beachbody.  It is a kick your ass, kick you in the teeth, make you feel like a sissy, sweat till you stink, puke in the sink home boot camp.  I did it last year and with no added good nutrition I lost 16 lbs.  Now that I have my nutrition right, I am shooting for twice that.  32lbs in 60 days, who is with me?


If you do do it, be ready to sweat be ready to give your 100% and that will be good enough.  How about a weight loss challenge in general?  Anybody on board for something like that?  Maybe today is too early.  How about a week.  Would you be ready to commit to a weight loss challenge next Monday?  Message me if you’re in.

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Primal Tailgate

One of the things I enjoy doing very much is tailgating at sporting events.  For me, the most common thing is racing.  I have been a NASCAR fan for years, but this year the IZOD INDYCAR series came back to my local track so I figured I would take advantage of another chance to tailgate.  If you’ve ever been to a tailgate, you know that the food isn’t the healthiest, it might even be a goal of the tailgate to eat foods that are so ridiculously unhealthy that you wouldn’t eat them otherwise.  Trying to stick with my goal of being healthy (and knowing that I wanted to have a few beers) I came up with a couple of things.

Traditionally we tailgate two meals at the race, breakfast and lunch (or even a lunch/dinner combination).  We do a lot of walking at these events so we need something that is going to keep us feeling full and away from all of the food vendors cooking with God knows what at the track.  In the past we have purchased pre-made scramble bags.  Flash frozen vegetables like onion, bell pepper and potato.  This time I figured we would make our own.  Sweet potato, onion, chorizo, eggs and tomatoes.  Came out delicious and very filling.



The other thing that I made was something that I had tested a few weeks back, but actually got to make on my special grill today.  These things are delicious and all natural.  Jalapeno pepper, sliced in half with seeds removed.  Filled with chorizo and wrapped in bacon.



The races were fun, the food was good and I am not today trying to work off 10 lbs of cheese or fried chicken that I ate yesterday.  Woke up this morning with my Formula 1 shake, and I am right back to business!

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Primal Pork

Smoked a pork.  I used to make pulled pork sandwiches a lot.  Now that I try to severely limit my grains (i.e. bread) I wanted to try something a bit different, plus the way I used to make pulled pork was from a packet of seasoning (and whatever other crap they throw in there) and ketchup (not a super healthy way to do things).  I took this 5 lb pork shoulder roast, it was a meat on sale as referenced in my Primal on a Budget post.  I also finally sprung for a real smoker box, nice heavy cast iron and worked nice.

Soak wood chips at least an hour.  Drain water and put into smoker box.  Put smoker box directly over high heat.  In my case I have a 4 burner grill so I put it over the right hand side burner.  Close lid and go prepare your roast. Made a rub consisting of sea salt, black pepper, onion powder, paprika, and garlic powder.  Liberally applied the rub to the roast.  By this time smoke had begun to form in the grill.  I put the roast on the top shelf of the grill turned another burner to medium and closed the lid.  Stick a wireless meat thermometer in it and go away.  The smoke and the low heat will slowly cook the pork and if you open the lid you lose some of your smoke and will lose some of your flavor.  My grill cooks kind of hot so it took about 3 hours to get to the internal 180 degrees that I had to been told to look for.  Pull off grill, allow to rest for a little while.  The meat came out really moist with the added bonus that the outside skin turned into a type of pork rinds which were delicious.


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Tonight I smoked a large round steak which the store called a “London Broil” which I learned is not actually a cut of meat but actually a way of cooking.  No bother.  Simple prep.  Take steak, cover with 1 tbsp of olive oil.  Cover with sea salt and black pepper.  Cook over indirect heat with smoke until desired doneness.  Cut across the grain, serve with greens.  Enjoy!


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Budget Primal/Paleo

When you are trying to fill your plate with fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats you will find that you can spend a lot more than you are used to spending on food.  The way that I combat this is in a couple of ways.  #1 I hit Sam’s Club as often as I can and check out the meat case.  When I am lucky I will find bulk packages of meat that are set to “expire” within a day or two.  Last time I did this I spent about $100 on $160 worth of meat.  I froze all of it and use it as needed and I still have some left weeks later.  You don’t need to spend $100 but you can save a few bucks looking for this.  #2 is I frequent the meat case at Costco and Sam’s Club in general.  The cuts of meat are good and are usually cheaper than the off-sale prices of my local grocery store.  #3 is sales.  This week my local grocery store (Stater Bros.) has London Broil and Pork Shoulder Roast on sale.  I will be getting both of these and can make 4 meals out of them (not including sides).  The same holds true for fruits and vegetables, either on sale or at the membership stores.  I easily cover the cost of membership to both stores in savings on food and gas.  Highly recommended.

I am working up a recipe for smoked pork shoulder.  My first experiment in smoked meat didn’t turn out as desired.  I had never cooked with indirect heat and knew nothing about it until I decided I wanted to cook a tri tip.  In my research I learned that the meat will dry out far before it finishes if you cook it over direct flame of the bbq.  I also learned that you can do a lot of flavoring of the meat through smoking it.  I am not in a position to purchase a smoker for the occasional smoking of meats so I learned there was a way to do it with a gas grill.  Soak wood chips, make a holder out of foil to put them in, put over direct flame on one side of your grill, put meat on opposite side of grill without flame.  Seemed easy enough.  Got started smoking the meat, went out to check on it and the fire had burned through the foil and all fell through and was on fire in the bottom of the bbq.  Not the plan.  The tri tip turned out decent but didn’t have any of the smoke flavor in it that I was searching for.  Part of eating clean is minimizing the type of shortcuts like bbq sauce to flavor things.  The smoke adds a nice flavor to the meat.

Going to try again with the pork shoulder this week.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  I’ve been up since 2:30 with allergies, so tonight is going to be something simple like chicken breasts.


It also helps to supplement the clean food with clean, low calorie nutrition for the rest of the day.  That’s where herbalife comes in.

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