Beer, my downfall

27 Aug

weight 220.5

I do my best, but I love beer.  I am not a Bud Light, or other type of “lifestyle” beer drinker.  I love hops.  I like a beer that tastes like you should be chewing it.  I am a big fan of IPA beers of all shapes and sizes and am always looking for something new.  The most recent pick-up I have is Ballast Point Big Eye IPA.  I happened to be at Fresh & Easy the other day and it was on sale so I picked some up and I am a fan.  I also saw that Samuel Adams has out their Octoberfest Lager which, while not an IPA, is still rather delicious.

We entertained some family over the weekend, so I drank more than usual and I ate some food that I wouldn’t normally eat on my new lifestyle (ice cream) and so I am not surprised that the scale hasn’t really moved as much as I would have liked (2.5 lbs over the last 10 days).  But yesterday I was back on the horse.  Good food all day long as I fought a cold.

Gonna try something new today; fresh salmon cakes. (partial credit to the prudent wife)

2 lbs salmon

3 eggs (beaten)

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp mustard



1/4 cup almonds (ground up like I used for my meatballs)

1 tbsp of olive oil for lubrication in the pan

Grind up almonds until they are not quite flour, but close to breadcrumbs in size.  Add all ingredients (except olive oil) to food processor and pulse until you have a nice chunky well mixed texture.  Form patties appox 4 oz a piece.  Heat olive oil over medium heat in skillet and add patties.  Cook 3-5 minutes a side until a nice light brown crust forms.  I’m having mine with some baked sweet potato fries and squash and a salad (likely with some avocado on it).  Once I get done with them I will update with my nutritional information.  In the recipe that I based this on canned fish is used.  I happened to find some fresh salmon on sale, so I’ll be using that.  I’ll try not to have a beer with it, but no promises.
With grilled peaches, squash, avocado and a salad of mixed greens and spinach.

Update: they are kind of plain tasting, which is good if you don’t care for fish. Gonna add some cayenne pepper.
166cal/2 carbs/8 fat/12 protein.


I also stumbled along this for making energy bars, and they are great!  Made up a batch and they are good to have around for the kids.

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