Sushi Hangover

17 Aug

8/17/12 weight 224

Today I get good and bad benefits.

Good benefit. Primal.  I ate sushi yesterday, and a lot of it. There is a place in the middle of the ghetto that has the best all you can eat sushi deal; Myagi Sushi.  It’s only $21.95 for all you can eat, and it is delicious. The problem with all you can eat, is you (or at least I) eat all I can, and usually a bit more. Good lunch with friends. Because I am living, primal lifestyle, I’m not disappointed or have I failed for consuming way too many carbs yesterday along with some dairy (cream cheese in a few rolls) and some processed sauces. Last night for dinner I had a half an avocado and another chicken jalapeno sausage from Trader Joe’s. No problem.

The bad benefit is that within an hour after eating my sushi feast I was exhausted.  A combination of sugar crash (from the excess carbs) and the ton of proceeded food that I ate. I also picked up a few lbs from yesterday, which is common for me to do when I have an out if control meal. 3,500 calories maybe a lb, but one big meal will give me 3. Oh well. 



Today is a trip to Costco and Sam’s Club to see what kind if deals on bulk meat and nuts I can find.

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